24hr Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery Service

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Burda's Towing provides complete 24 hour heavy duty towing and heavy duty recovery in the greater Twin Cities area including Minneapolis, St Paul and along the I-94 corridor to St Cloud, MN. Their scheduled and emergency heavy duty towing and heavy duty recovery services include:

  • Semi Truck Towing
  • Tractor -Trailer Towing
  • Classes A, B & C RV Towing
  • Bus & Motor Coach Towing
  • Semi Truck Accident Towing & Cleanup
  • Semi Trailer Towing & Storage
  • Long Distance Semi Truck Towing
  • Cube Van & Delivery Van Towing
  • UPS & FedEx Truck Towing
  • Medium Duty Towing & Recovery
  • HAZMAT Cleanup & Disposal
  • Heavy Equipment Hauling & Towing
  • Heavy Duty Recovery
  • Off Road Semi Truck Recovery
  • Sunken Semi Trailer Lifting
  • Heavy Duty Snow & Mud Recovery
  • Construction Site Towing & Extractions
  • Decking & Undecking
  • Bunking & Unbunking
  • Heavy Duty Insurance Towing & Billing
  • Replacement Truck Delivery & Towing
Heavy Truck Towing MN

Heavy Duty Recovery Services

Burda's Towing offers heavy duty recovery services for complete accident and off road winching, uprighting and towing of heavy vehicles. Their 24 hour recovery services utilize the latest air-bag recovery systems to ensure the safety and security of your truck, trailer and cargo.

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Towing services include the retrieval and recovery of large semi-tractors, tour/city buses, coaches, tractor-trailers, RV’s, large fleet trucks, cube vans, bread trucks, single axle semi-tractors and storage units. They accommodate requirements up to 100,000 pounds with the exception of household goods. They feel that quantity should never exceed the quality of care that is given to your larger scale recovery and towing needs. Their direct dispatch service ensures we're on scene A.S.A.P.

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Heavy Towing Service Area

Burda's Towing supports the truck stops TA Truck Stop in Rogers MN, Kwik Trip Truck Stop Buffalo MN, truck rest areas in Maple Grove MN, Enfield MN and Hasty MN. They also provide heavy duty truck services the Hasty MN Truck Stop, Clearwater MN truck stop & Rest Area. Burda's Towing provides heavy duty towing service along the I-94 corridor between the Twin Cities and and St Cloud, MN and supports all of the following exits and intersections.

City Exit Details
St, Cloud 167 MN 15 – St. Cloud, Kimball
St, Cloud 171 towing interstate towingCR 75 / CR 7 – St. Augusta, St. Cloud
St, Cloud 173 Opportunity Drive
Wright 178 MN 24 – Clearwater, Annandale
Wright 183 CR 8 – Hasty, Silver Creek
Monticello 193 MN 25 – Monticello, Buffalo
Monticello 194 monticello towing truck towing CR 18 / CR 39 – Monticello Albertville
Monticello 201 CR 19 – Albertville, St. Michael
Monticello 202 CR 37 – Albertville St. Michael
Monticello 205 tow towing service MN 241 / CR 36 – St. Michael Hennepin Rogers
Monticello 207 highway towing Interstate TowingMN 101 / CR 81 – Elk River, Rogers
Maple Grove 213 CR 30 (Maple Grove Parkway)
Maple Grove 215 CR 109 (Weaver Lake Road)
Maple Grove 216 94 towing serviceI-494 / I-694
Maple Grove 28 CR 61 (Hemlock Lane)
Maple Grove 29  US 169