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Ice Recovery Service

With more than 500 successful ice recoveries under our belt, we are the Premier Minnesota Ice Recovery company. We have certified ice divers on staff, trained professionals and the proper equipment to retrieve your property. It doesn’t matter if it’s on open water, in inches of ice or under many feet of water, we can recovery it. If you need help, give us a call. Our crew is ready 24/7/365 and we have multiple units designed and built by professionals available ready to go at moments notice. With our fast-response service we save you money by recovering your vehicle with minimal damage to the environment. Call our dispatch center now at 763-428-9911 and get Central MN’s best Ice Recovery Team working for you.

Lake Recovery Twin Cities & MN

If you are a towing company without the proper equipment or training, feel free to call us to assist you. We can also work with other towing companies to bring about damage-free results. Whether it be hand retrieving a vehicle, side x side, ATV or snowmobile, we've go the experience and the equipment to make it happen.

  • All lakes are different and where the “good” or “bad” ice is changes every year.
  • It’s not “stupidity.” Sometimes people get lost or lose their sense of direction. And sometimes it's just tough luck--where people have been fishing there for 50 years and this time around they caught themselves an ice issue. Unfortunately no ice is "always" safe.
  • Pricing varies on every call. Distance, man labor involved, depth of water, number of divers required, thickness of ice around asset, etc.
  • When you go fishing, always keep your windows down or your doors open. There's a much better survival chance if you leave a door open or window down.
  • Please be careful and always be prepared for the unknowns.